Assisting Miguel Edwards

Working with Miguel Edwards has been uncommonly valuable on many levels. As a teacher, mentor and coach, he has taught me the processes for creating art and photography from initial idea to the unveiling of the final product. His perfectionism, dedication, passion, and pride for his craft are second to none in any profession.

This transcendent education and work experience was the consummate conceptual breeding ground for an aspiring artist such as myself. As a friend he has been a guide of mindfulness, good nutrition, balance and healthy personal relationships. Through our times together I’ve learned the joys and benefits of being and having good people in my life and will cherish this gift until the end.

Sculpture Collabs Seen In

50th Special Olympic Games


2014 Bellewether Exhibition installed in front of Bellevue City Hall


Security Properties for the Janus Apartments in Greenwood (Seattle)


Northwest Flower and Garden show in 2014

NW Flower & Garden show at Washington State Convention Center Feb 2012


Photography Collabs Seen In

KISW Seattle Rock Girls calendar


Gallery Opening Seattle


Assisting Michael Todd Harrison Creations


Retail Ambassador for Rareform

Our story begins with bold billboards destined to sit in a landfill. We intercept those billboards and repurpose them into completely one-of-a-kind products. Every billboard we receive is carefully cleaned, cut and sorted before it is sewn together into a unique RAREFORM product.

We're repurposing 20,000 lbs a month of billboard vinyl into one-of-a-kind products. Just like each billboard is unique, so is every bag we create. Every new product is entirely different from the ones that came before it. Each has a different print and different history. Plus vinyl is naturally durable and a great material to work with.